The Canadian Health & Care Mall Homepage
The Canadian Health & Care Mall Homepage

The Canadian Health & Care Mall is a pharmacy network that has its roots in Ontario Canada. The network first opened doors in 2003 and since then they have never looked back. Based on some of their reviews we managed to locate, they offer quality services. We will be showing you these reviews in a moment. This pharmacy network has different websites which usually make it easier for the company running Canadian Health & Care Mall network to get more customers. The websites in this network usually resemble each other but differ in some very little details. All the sites will have the title The Canadian Health & Care Mall on them. One of these pharmacies has the following look:

When we observed the different medications this network features, we noticed that they were offering extremely low prices for the meds. For example, the price for their generic Viagra is only $0.77 a pill, their Cialis is only $1.43 for each pill, while Levitra will cost you a mere $1.82.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Reviews

After checking online to see whether we could find reviews that pointed out to us that the Canadian Health & Care Mall was offering great services, we managed to find a ton of them. Reviewers were happy with everything from the prices, quality, and even the delivery. Here are some of their comments:

Canadian Health & Care Mall Feedback
Canadian Health & Care Mall Feedback

Jackson managed to order his meds from Canadian Health & Care Mall although he was afraid about ordering meds online a few months back. The customer support department managed to reassure him and they also helped him pick the medications which would help him. He has been sourcing his meds online since he first purchased them from Canadian Health & Care Mall.

Canadian Health & Care Mall Testimonial
Canadian Health & Care Mall Testimonial

Jack doesn’t like to discuss his health issues with the doctor given that he lives in a small village and fears anyone would get to know about his medical issues. He found out that the Canadian Health & Care Mall was offering online consultation for 24 hours each day. After trying out this service, he never regretted his decision. The consultant was nice and he got the medications he had wanted. The Viagra he got worked and his wife is happy. The delivery was quick and the prices were lower.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Online

Although the main Canadian Health & Care Mall network sites might not look too identical, you will notice a lot of similarities. For example, they all feature the same title and they have the same color schemes. These sites seem to be very focused on advertising erectile dysfunction meds. This proves that a lot of their buyers visit their sites to check and buy impotence meds.

The pharmacy network has a big catalog. We counted the number of categories they have and they amounted to 18. Some of the meds they have include eye care drugs, pain relief meds, stomach drugs, skin care medication, herbal supplements and vitamins, medications to aid with weight loss, medications to help people stop smoking, and more.

The sites appeared to be very user-friendly. Ordering the meds took very few steps and the payments are not a hustle. As long as you have American Express, Mastercard, eCheck, or Bitcoin, you will have the ability to pay for your meds pretty quickly. The store network indicates they have the ability to ship to people worldwide. Their methods of shipment include EMS, FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Basically, a prescription is not a requirement when you are sourcing your meds from the Canadian Health & Care Mall network.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Coupon Codes

We were unable to locate any promo codes for the pharmacy network on third-party websites. However, we were able to confirm that these codes do exist. The drugstore network has one on their official websites which is CANADAHEALTH. They don’t indicate how much money this coupon will save you. Other chances to save are available when you add your products to the cart:

Canadian Health & Care Mall Sample Shopping Cart
Canadian Health & Care Mall Sample Shopping Cart

In the cart, you will get to choose whether you want any free pills. If you want free pills, you can choose to either have Cialis or Viagra delivered to you. When your order exceeds $150, the Airmail shipping will become free. For orders exceeding $300, you get free express courier shipping. For orders above $200, you get free insurance.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Phone Numbers

Some of the sites in this pharmacy network don’t advertise any phone numbers that customers can use to call them. However, they do have two email addresses that people can use. The first one is for general support. This is [email protected] The second one is for coupons and discounts. The email is [email protected] They also have a contact form where you can fill out your details and send them an email. They will respond within a period of 24 hours.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Spam and Phone Calls

Many pharmacy networks are known to use the contact details that their buyers leave behind to force them to buy again through sending spam emails and spam calling them. This can be quite annoying. However, when you shop for your meds using Canadian Health&care Mall pharmacy network, no one will ever bother you with calls or emails. They will only email you to let you important information about your order.


The Canadian Health & Care Mall network has maintained a clean record, they have consumer comments that support they offer excellent customer services and great quality medications. For this reason, we rate the store 5 stars. However, you have to know you are dealing with a real online pharmacy and not a scam site pretending to be in the Canadian Health & Care Mall network. You can only know this by ordering through proven domain names.

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