The Cheap Pills network is one among the plenty online drugstore networks serving consumers remotely. This online drugstore network is renowned for its cheap offers and its wide range of products available for buyer consumption, including unique medicines for medical conditions such as hair loss, impotence, fertility and so much more.

Network web pharmacies like Cheap Pills usually comprise several identically built online drugstores that operate under one system and forward their orders to one main unit. Intimidating as they seem, networks like Cheap Pills are actually legitimate and are capable of offering good service to their clients, as evidenced by years of positive reviews and reports from consumers.

However, like any other online pharmacy, network pharmacies like Cheap Pills suffer downsides like having their credibility maliciously ruined by copycats posing as the actual legit stores. Buyers should beware of these kinds of sites since they bait the buyers into spending their money on them and in the end scam them or steal their financial information.

Cheap Pills Reviews

Since Cheap Pills has been around for long, reviews aren’t too difficult to find. This network had plenty of reviews from its loyal consumers including the ones featured in this section:

Cheap Pills Reviews
Cheap Pills Reviews

Customers usually attest to receiving their orders in one piece, like the customer who ordered from France. According to his review, he’s experienced ordering from Cheap Pills twice and on both occasions, he was able to receive his order without hassle. He mentioned receiving his orders only within 10 days since his order placement.

Another client, who did not wish to elaborate on his review, merely stated that his order arrived within the fastest possible time.

On the one hand, a buyer commended the store’s good prices—according to this user, medicines sold by the Cheap Pills store he encountered were “cheap and good”.

Cheap Pills Online

There are quite a number of Cheap Pills stores on the web, which made it partly difficult to enumerate all of them. The shops, though, all featured the same storefront—a teal, light green, white website with forthright contents.

Every Cheap Pills shop featured a robust product lineup clearly outlined on every store’s main page. Consumers easily found their medicines in each Cheap Pills shop since the store grouped the medicines based on the medical conditions they serve. For instance, if buyers would want medicines for their blood pressure, they would simply have to search for “hypertension” or “blood pressure” medicines.

Cheap Pills Shop
Cheap Pills Shop

Cheap Pills stores mostly have generic products but in some cases where generic counterparts are yet to be manufactured, the shops also have the main brand medicines. Concerning the quality of the products, all of Cheap Pills medicines are local FDA approved in the least, which makes them safe and utterly reliable for the clinical concerns they are used for.

Consumers can purchase medicines from Cheap Pills using their credit or debit cards since the network has yet to offer other payment methods. Nevertheless, there is still a glut of patrons willing to purchase via these payment methods, especially because the Cheap Pills network honors two of the most popular credit card companies, MasterCard and VISA.

Shipping is set at an affordable $10 rate for the regular mail (up to 21 days), while customers willing to spend a little more for speedy delivery may avail the expedited option which costs $20. These shipping rates are fixed regardless of order size or buyer country.

Cheap Pills Coupon Codes

No coupon codes were found on Cheap Pills during our latest visit but the shops offered other deals which buyers may find useful:

Cheap Pills Deals
Cheap Pills Deals

Free shipping is given to Cheap Pills customers who are able to go beyond the $200 order threshold. Besides the free shipping, the shops also cut 10% off the buyer orders when they are able to exceed the amount. Buyers with low-key orders are also given a bonus, like free pills on their order. However, customers with larger orders are given more freebie pills to enjoy.

Cheap Pills Phone Numbers

The cheap Pills phone support team is available 24/7. Consumers are advised to reach out to the following phone numbers:

  • +1 718 487 9792
  • +4420 3239 7092

Buyers not too comfortable in reaching out to Cheap Pills using its numbers, a messaging option is available on the shop’s “Contact Us” page.

Cheap Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Since most network drugstores are within the scam typecast due to the existence of scammer copycats, we found it significant to search for reports of scam or spam related to this Cheap Pills network. Unfortunately, the web failed to churn out negative reports concerning spam calls or spam emails, thus indicating reliability for Cheap Pills stores.


Cheap Pills is one popular online drugstore network able to woo international consumers because of its low prices and easy to navigate website. Customers can shop with confidence on Cheap Pills due to its reliability—the store currently has a lot of supporting reviews for its credibility, unlike most online drugstores without so much as a single legit buyer testimonial.

Although it is generally safe to purchase medicines from any Cheap Pills store, customers should still watch out for possible scam replicas of this network. If possible, do your research on a particular Cheap Pills store, or better yet, use curated website lists such as the one we’re offering on our site (Top Vendors for the year).

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