There are a number of generic brands which are meant to replace the brand-name Viagra by Pfizer, and Malegra Sunrise Remedies is one of them. Erectile dysfunction is the condition where these treatments apply to, generic or not. When we say erectile dysfunction or ED, we are referring to the inability of a patient to have and maintain the erectile response, even if they want to. Treatments containing Sildenafil Citrate like Viagra and generic treatments like Malegra by Sunrise Remedies (and others) are effective in helping patients regain their erectile function even for several hours (since there is not yet a cure for ED).

Malegra FXT Tablets from Sunrise Remedies
Malegra FXT Tablets from Sunrise Remedies


Erectile Dysfunction: General Information

Erectile dysfunction is one condition where patients are not able to exhibit an erectile response even in the presence of adequate sexual stimulation. Men with ED are usually aroused but are physically incapable of having an erection. This condition is usually associated with getting old, but not old people are automatically candidates for having erectile dysfunction. There are younger men affected by the disorder (below 40) and some even have more severe cases of erectile dysfunction than the older men who have the same condition.

How, then, do men get erectile dysfunction? Here are the factors affecting the prevalence of the disease:

  1. Getting old. Age plays a great role in the development of the disorder and basically due to the anatomical changes which occur with age. But age is not the sole factor in determining the prevalence of the condition in the male population.
  2. Lifestyle practices. Along with age, lifestyle practices are one of the determinants of ED in patients. Often, poor lifestyle habits like drug abuse, alcoholism, and chronic smoking are some of the factors which can cause the early development of erectile dysfunction in patients. Aging males who maintained healthy lifestyles when they were younger have less risk of developing ED when they get older.
  3. Medications. Some treatments are able to alter the functioning of the males’ erectile function. In some cases, medication-induced erectile dysfunction is often reversible.
  4. Injury. Injuries to the penis, testicles, bladder, urethra, and prostate are sometimes the cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Spinal cord injury also contributes to the development of erectile dysfunction in patients.
  5. Psychological factors. Emotional stress, depression, anxiety, and other psychological factors are able to affect the prevalence of ED in patients. Emotional stress and other factors are able to alter neurotransmitter levels and cause ED to progress.
  6. Disease. Underlying diseases also have ED as a symptom. Obesity, diabetes, chronic hypertension, heart disease, and prostate disease can affect erectile function and cause the disorder.

Can Erectile Dysfunction be Treated?

Yes, there are a few treatment options for erectile dysfunction treatment. But before patients are administered the proper treatment for the disorder, patients should undergo thorough assessment and tests prior. Most of the time, the doctors recommend dealing with the underlying conditions first before the patients are given the treatment proper for erectile dysfunction.

Patients typically respond to the management of the underlying factors of the disease. Sometimes, discontinuation of the meds causing the disorder, managing the psychological causes, encouraging healing to the injured parts, and disease management are effective in eliciting good responses from patients suffering from ED. Most patients have improved erectile function after dealing with these factors. But when patients do not improve with these interventions, patients are made to take oral PDE5 treatments for their condition and in more severe cases are endorsed to have surgical installations for the management of the disease.

What are Oral PDE5 Treatments?

Oral Phosphodiesterase Type-5 treatments are the medications indicated for the management of erectile dysfunction in males. These drugs include the following:

  1. Sildenafil Citrate
  2. Tadalafil
  3. Vardenafil

Sildenafil Citrate is the pioneer drug for the PDE5 inhibitors and is the most used among all these three PDE5 inhibitors. However, studies show that patients who tried Tadalafil after Sildenafil or Vardenafil treatment prefer Tadalafil over the two drugs. These 3 drugs are very effective in the management of erectile dysfunction of almost all causes, so they continue to be the drugs of choice when it comes to the management of erectile dysfunction.

However, erectile dysfunction is not the only disease that PDE5 inhibitors are able to manage. PDE5 inhibitors are also able to provide good results in cases of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) and prostate enlargement.

Today, PDE5 treatments have great variety in the market since the appearance of generic medications in the market. These generic medications for erectile dysfunction are equally effective as the brand-name treatments because they have the same active pharmaceutical ingredients. However, generic brands are cheaper than the brand-name treatments due to less cost incurred (pharmaceutical companies making generic medications did not have to spend on clinical trials for the drug discovery). These generic options, though more affordable, are generally as effective as the brand-name treatments, so they are also recommended by doctors worldwide. Since this is the case, there is an increasing popularity for the generic medications as treatment for erectile dysfunction, especially those from generic multinational pharmaceutical companies from India.

 Malegra Sunrise Remedies: About the Product


Malegra, one of the generic treatments for erectile dysfunction is manufactured by the Indian company, Sunrise Remedies. The company is located in Gujarat and was established in the year 1993, which makes the company about 24 years to date. But the company has been in the industry in 1984. Sunrise Remedies is a company focused on the manufacture of various pharmaceutical formulations primarily in the areas of erectile dysfunction, sexual enhancers, cosmetics (women), pain relief, cognitive neuropsychiatry, weight loss, brain activators, anti-epileptics, vertigo, Parkinson’s disease, hair care, herbal remedies, men and women’s health, and general health medicine.

The company is a small company employing about 60 people but employs the same standards in manufacturing and ethical practices as the large pharmaceutical companies. Sunrise Remedies manufactures products in several dosage formulations such as tablets, capsules, liquid formulations, and ointments. The company is ISO 9001:2000 accredited and also has the schedule T accreditation for its Ayurvedic remedies.


Malegra Sunrise Remedies is actually a product line composed of products containing the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate which is highly effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Products formulations available in the Malegra product line include Malegra 100 mg, 50 mg, and 25 mg. The product line also includes several special formulations like oral jelly, and Sildenafil combination drugs like DXT (dapoxetine) and FXT (fluoxetine).


Malegra products, since manufactured in India, may be found at the local drugstores. Some countries also have Malegra available locally (mostly in India’s neighboring Asian countries). But the large fraction of the sale of Malegra comes from the online sale of the products. There are a number of vendors which have Malegra available for purchase online, so buyers can easily avail of Malegra even if they are not in India.

But as buyers, you should choose your vendor carefully because there are a lot of scamming stores on the internet nowadays. If you feel that there is something wrong with the online site you are browsing, then do not proceed with your purchase. Look for online stores which have good user reviews not on the site themselves, but in review sites, third-party sites, independent sites, and online forums which are not in any way affiliated with the online stores. There are also some users with suggestions on the good online stores to buy from, so it is good to be updated with the user recommendations found on several online forums.


Because Malegra belongs to the drug category of generic medications, the price for the product is generally affordable. On one online pharmacy, Malegra costs $1.6 each when purchased by a minimum of 30 tablets.

Malegra 100 mg Pricing
Malegra 100 mg Pricing

Buyers can save more in cost when they purchase more of the product since the online stores like are able to offer more discounts for buyers making larger purchases. Some stores even offer “double pills”, free shipping, and voucher codes for greater savings.


Malegra Sunrise Remedies is taken 30 minutes to an hour before intercourse or any sexual activity. The product is best taken without food for faster absorption. But should you need to eat, avoid fatty foods which take long to digest. Only one dose is needed in 24 hours. The drug’s effect can last you 4 hours, so you can take Malegra up to about 4 hours before your sexual activity.

Side Effects

Sildenafil Citrate, the active pharmaceutical ingredient of Malegra, is related to several side effects caused by Malegra use. Headaches, dizziness, facial flushing, dyspepsia, nasopharyngitis, runny nose, and GI upset are some of the common side effects experienced by patients while using the product Malegra Sunrise Remedies. There are more serious side effects, though, so patients should be able to report any side effect they are able to experience with Malegra use to prevent the progression of these side effects to irreversible damage.


Malegra Sunrise Remedies is one of the more affordable variants of erectile dysfunction medication on the market and is also one of the brands which are duly recognized as a generic option for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. If you are prescribed with ED treatment, you can definitely try using Malegra, due to its affordability and accessibility on the internet. Just be sure to seek your doctor’s approval for this medication, though, to prevent adverse effects.

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