Competition amongst generic brands gets tough and buyers are somewhat stumped on which to choose between Malegra vs Kamagra for their generic erectile dysfunction treatment (ED). Both drugs are drugs classified under the category of PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type-5) inhibitors, which are the drugs-of-choice when it comes to erectile dysfunction treatment. Malegra and Kamagra both contain Sildenafil Citrate, the active pharmaceutical ingredient popularized by the branded treatment, Viagra by Pfizer. Both Malegra and Kamagra contain the same active pharmaceutical ingredient as the branded treatment and therefore as effective as the branded Viagra treatment meant for erectile dysfunction (ED).

Malegra 50 mg from Sunrise Remedies
Malegra 50 mg from Sunrise Remedies


Erectile dysfunction in men increases in incidence with age, but age is not the only factor causing erectile dysfunction in patients. Lifestyle practices, disease, medications, injury, and emotional state affect the prevalence of disease as well. These factors are the determinants of the prevalence of ED in patients.

According to statistical data for erectile dysfunction, 1 in every 4 males seeking treatment for the condition is below 40, so males under 40 are also not exempted from the disease. Also, it is found out that some younger patients have more severe forms of erectile dysfunction than the older patient population due to lifestyle factors affecting the incidence of the disease. Chronic smokers and individuals abusing drugs have more severe forms of erectile dysfunction due to the damages incurred by their destructive lifestyle practices. More and more men younger than 40 are diagnosed with more severe forms of erectile dysfunction than the older men who have ED due to smoking, drug abuse, and alcoholism.

Generic Treatments vs Brand-Name Treatments

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where the patients have difficulty in attaining erection even when they are sexually aroused. Although the condition is physiological, this condition causes the patients to have problems with their relationships and self-esteem, as they are not able to perform their supposedly basic sexual function. The need for treatment is imperative for patients with erectile dysfunction because the sexual aspect is a basic part of a person’s well-being; sexual needs must be met in order for patients to function holistically (especially when it comes to married men, where fulfilling sexual needs is a responsibility).

Fortunately, there are treatments available for erectile dysfunction in men. There are several treatment options available for patients with ED and the most common of the treatments (and probably the most affordable) is the oral management of the disease.

Patients are usually given the PDE5 inhibitors for their sexual dysfunction. PDE5 inhibitors (phosphodiesterase type-5) are drugs whose primary function is to help patients regain their normal erectile response which they may have lost due to the factors mentioned earlier. There are three treatments classified under the PDE5 inhibitor category and they are:

  • Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra)
  • Tadalafil (Cialis)
  • Vardenafil (Levitra)

The branded treatments for erectile dysfunction are very effective in managing erectile dysfunction and were generally well-tolerated by the patients. But the problem is, these brand-name treatments, at times, are very expensive and not all patients with ED can afford the costs of the treatment. This is the reason why pharmaceutical companies made generic versions of these ED treatments, like Malegra and Kamagra, in order to help the patients with the cost of ED treatment.

Kamagra 100 mg from Ajanta Pharma
Kamagra 100 mg from Ajanta Pharma


These generic brands are able to pass on lower costs to their patients due to the fact that they need not spend millions for research, testing, clinical trials, and other expenses used for the discovery of the brand-name pioneer drugs. The chemical formula for the brand-name drugs was just analyzed by pharmaceutical companies’ talented researchers and when the time for the expiration of the patents for the brand-name drugs came, they just applied for the manufacture of the generic versions via their local drug regulating agencies. The costs of these generic treatments are low and very affordable, but they are also as effective as the branded drugs, as they have the same active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Malegra vs Kamagra – Manufacturer Information

One important aspect of a drug is its manufacturer’s information, as by discovering the credibility of the maker of a certain drug, users are able to deduce the quality of the drugs they are buying. Let us take a brief look at the manufacturers and compare the credibility of Malegra vs Kamagra manufacturers:

Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. Sunrise Remedies is the manufacturer of Malegra. It is located in Gujarat, India and is a company which was founded in the year 1993 and employs just about 60 people under its management. The company seems to be a tight-knit community which is able to produce drugs in the areas of cardiovascular products, anti-epileptics, brain activators, vertigo, pain relief, Ayurvedic products, neuropsychiatry, weight loss, and other products. Sunrise remedies makes these products in the forms of tablets, pills, powders, liquid formulations, and others. Although it is a small company, Sunrise Remedies boasts about having a high-quality production line accredited by ISO (ISO 9001:2000 compliant), GAMA, SIDMA, and even Schedule T.

Ajanta Pharma. The company, Ajanta Pharma is also a pharmaceutical company located in India and is well-known for its products in the area of erectile dysfunction. The company, though, is able to produce much more than the products for men’s health; Ajanta has 1,400 products manufactured in various dosage formulations. It has 6 facilities including one in Mauritius and 5 in India. One of its manufacturing plants is solely dedicated to the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) needed in the production of pharmaceutical products. As for the company’s accreditations, Ajanta Pharma has its US FDA approval for one of its facilities, while all the other facilities are compliant with the WHO-GMP guidelines. Also, a number of its products are approved by the US FDA and some are still awaiting approval from the drug agency.

Malegra vs Kamagra – Drug Details

Available Forms

Both product lines, Malegra and Kamagra, are available in various product formulations aside from the typical pill/tablet type. Both products have soft gel formulations, chewable tablets, and oral jelly forms. Both also have special drug formulations like combination pills and special doses (150-200 mg), which buyers may purchase.


Although there is competition between Malegra vs Kamagra, the intake of these drugs is basically the same since they contain the same active pharmaceutical ingredients. Regardless of the dose prescribed by your physician (anywhere between 25 mg to 200 mg), you are only allowed to take only one dose of either Malegra or Kamagra in a 24 hour period for safety purposes. Sildenafil may be highly toxic when taken in more than one dose in a day.

Malegra or Kamagra is recommended to be taken anywhere between 30 minutes to 4 hours prior to the planned sexual activity (either drug lasts 4 hours). Both Malegra and Kamagra are best taken without meals for increased absorption. Alcohol consumption is also prohibited when taking Sildenafil medications like Kamagra and Malegra.

Side Effects

Patients may experience the following side effects due to the intake of Sildenafil products like Kamagra and Malegra:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Vision changes
  • Eye redness
  • Facial flushing
  • Back pain
  • GI disturbances
  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhea

These side effects are generally tolerable by patients, although if persistent, they should be a concern. Do not hesitate to call your doctors when these side effects disturb you more than they should, or if they progress into something worse.


Sildenafil products like Malegra and Kamagra are not for everyone; there are patients who may not be allowed to take products with Sildenafil content. Usually, patients with diabetes, heart problems, kidney disease, liver disease, cancer, epilepsy, and other conditions should take Sildenafil products with extreme care, or if possible, they should be prohibited to take the drug at all due to the risk of toxicity and other adverse reactions.


Several reviews were available for both products (Malegra and Kamagra) in several forum sites. Here are the user comments for the products:

Kamagra reviews from
Kamagra reviews from


The thread above had consumers recommending the use of Kamagra to the other consumers. All of the commenters from the website mentioned that Kamagra is the best drug they have tried for erectile dysfunction, so far.

Malegra Customer Experience
Malegra Customer Experience


Malegra, too, had good reviews from its consumers. There was one user who experienced Malegra side effects, but he said that in order to reduce the side effects, he tried to cut the pill in half and it worked for him.

Malegra Consumer Report
Malegra Consumer Report

Based on the user comments above, both drugs are generally well-tolerated by the patients. The users seemed to be happy about the effect of Malegra and Kamagra. Though there’s a presence of side effects, the patients were also able to manage them well and still enjoy the drugs’ effects.

The Choice

Between Malegra vs Kamagra, which is actually better? When it comes to generics, I think almost all of the generic brands are the same. Both are from reputable manufacturers with lengthy experiences in the pharmaceutical industry, although Kamagra’s manufacturer has its US FDA approval. Being generic drugs, both are very affordable and can offer buyers great value for their money.

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