Mysecuretabs is a drugstore network that goes out of its way to make sure that their customers are 100% satisfied. This is something that becomes apparent when you try to locate complaints or negative customer feedback on the web. The pharmacies in this network have managed to grow their customer base to more than 1,000,000 people in a span of fewer than 2 decades. This takes hard work, honesty, and dependability. The sites in this drugstore network look similar. They will all have a homepage that looks like the one indicated below:

Mysecuretabs Home
Mysecuretabs Home

The sites will include the best sellers on their front page. These are composed of Viagra, Cialis, Clomid, doxycycline, Levitra, Amoxil, and more. This does not mean that these are the only meds available. You will find more than 27 medication categories arranged alphabetically on the left-hand side. Since each category has a large number of drugs when you expand it. This means that you will be getting access to hundreds of drugs immediately you open a drugstore site that is operating under Mysecuretabs network.

Take care to avoid scam sites which have stolen the Mysecuretabs pharmacy network sites design. These are used by people who steal from people while these people don’t know what is happening. The perfect way to avoid scammers using duplicate sites is to not load drugstore sites using web addresses you are not sure of. If you use web addresses which have already been investigated and determined to belong to the Canadian Pharmacy Limited which runs Mysecuretabs drugstore network you will always be safe.

Mysecuretabs Reviews

There are several factors you need to consider when you are trying to determine whether an online drugstore network is perfect or it is a scam. Two of the factors are how long it has been operating and what previous customers are saying about the drugstore network. Mysecuretabs pharmacy network has been offering its services on the web for 15 years. This shows that it may be a great drugstore network. However, to confirm whether it is really a great network, let’s look at what previous clients had to say:

Mysecuretabs User Testimonials
Mysecuretabs User Testimonials

If you are worried that you may have to wait for your drugs for too long, you should stop worrying. Jacob was all the way in France. He paid for regular shipping and he says that the meds did not take too long before they arrived. The customer support department handled his query quickly when he called in after the site failed to process his order.

You will like the team working to make Mysecuretabs pharmacy network a success. This can be confirmed by the fact that Alex likes this team. They kept him updated and sent him a great selection quickly. Ten days was all it took to get Mark’s meds to him when he ordered while in France. The meds were not held by the customs. They all had the quality he was looking for.

Mysecuretabs Online

When you search for modern pharmacies using a search engine, their results usually dominate the first page. For the case of Mysecuretabs drugstore network, this is opposite. Even after keying in the keyword “Mysecuretabs”, we could not find the sites in the pharmacy network using a search engine. This is something that may be contributed to by the lack of search engine optimization on the sites forming Mysecuretabs drugstore network. This may be as a result of the sites being established very early when the search engines were not a thing.

Although these sites may be behind regarding their search engine optimization, they are very modern when it comes to handling payments. First, they are aware that hackers are always looking to steal sensitive information such as credit card data. This is the reason why they handle their payments on a secure server. They are also aware that people prefer to pay for things online using credit cards. This is why they take their payments using Mastercard and VISA credit cards.

The stores in the drugstore network have been approved by CIPA and MIPA. This makes the stores legitimate. If you buy your drugs today and choose EMS shipping, you get to receive the meds in a period that does not exceed 8 days. If you pay for regular Airmail, you receive your meds in 14 to 21 days.

Mysecuretabs Coupon Codes

Even without coupon codes, you get really nice offers in the shopping cart. You can see them in the following shopping cart.

Mysecuretabs Shopping Cart
Mysecuretabs Shopping Cart

You get to receive bonus pills. You get to be relieved Airmail shipping charges when your order is worth more than 200 dollars. Your EMS shipping charges are waived when you have bought meds worth at least 300 dollars. A 10% automatic discount is applied to orders costing more than $200. The coupon IT-4752 will save you 10% if your drugs cost you less than $200.

Mysecuretabs Phone Numbers

For people with issues that need to be handled quickly, you will have to call using either +1 718 487 9792 or +4420 3239 7092. If you feel like sending an email will serve your better, you can do this quite easily using the contact form on the contact page.

Mysecuretabs Spam and Phone Calls

Receiving an unexpected call or an email from someone who wants to force you to buy from him or her can be annoying. Mysecuretabs has maintained integrity and respect by avoiding heinous acts such as spam calling their previous customers.


The drugstore sites in Mysecuretabs pharmacy network are legitimate. They only focus on selling drugs which have been approved by the FDA. They don’t stock addictive drugs or narcotics. They have the ability to dispense meds without asking for a prescription from the buyer. The drugs you will receive from the pharmacy network will offer you the health benefits you are looking for. Given that this pharmacy network has managed to satisfy over 1,000,000 such that there are no complaints online, we rate it 5 stars.

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