Online Rx is an online network of pharmacies that sell great quality but low-priced meds. It has been in the business since 2001 and has roots that date back to 1997. It’s already operating for more than 2 decades and still continues to serve customers by providing great service to its customers from different parts of the world. Online Rx is of Canadian origin, a pharmacy network from Canada which is certified and verified by Pharmacy Checker, the highest rated pharmacy intermediary. It is also a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), a Canadian association of licensed retail pharmacies which are regulated by the Canadian government for safety. Customers can trust Online Rx not only for its reputation but also for its years in service. It is a network that has been consistent on its dedication in providing cheap meds to the masses, making it possible for them to purchase effective drugs without spending too much.

The meds that can be purchased from its network stores are guaranteed safe and effective as all of them have undergone through the checks and inspections of the Food and Drug Administration. Online Rx only sources its medications from pharmaceutical companies with GMP-certified manufacturing plants, a guarantee to the customers that their meds are from legitimate sources.

Online Rx Reviews

Online Rx has many satisfied customers and many of them have left some reviews on its site to let others know of their good experience. Below are just some of those reviews and let’s check them out:

Online Rx Customer Reviews
Online Rx Customer Reviews

Smith S. from the United Kingdom was very happy with his great experience with purchasing his meds from Online Rx. He didn’t mention any specifics about this experience that he had but he was sure pleased.

The next review was from a customer named Dorothy from Andorra who mentions of the excellent service that Online Rx gave to her. Perhaps she had some questions regarding the meds that she needs or about the ordering process and it has been dealt with professionally by the customer service representative that answered her call. Dorothy was also delighted with the affordable prices of the products at Online Rx which gave her great value for money.

Samuel is a customer who lives in France but it was not a reason for his orders to be delayed. Online Rx was able to ship his ordered medicines speedily, arriving just in time when he needed them. He also received constant updates regarding the status of his orders from the customer representatives that processed his orders until he was finally able to receive them. Samuel also adds that he has been a customer for many years already, proving the unchanging reliability of Online Rx as his medication source. He is always pleased with the service that he is getting because of the site’s honesty and transparency with the transactions.

Online Rx Online

Buyers might be surprised when they encounter a site with a different domain name but has a content similar to what Online Rx has.

Online Rx Network Domain (
Online Rx Network Domain (

There’s nothing to worry about since Online Rx is composed of many replica sites for handing traffic but all transactions are processed on its main server. The only thing that they will see different is the various domain names associated with Online Rx but with regards to the content, it is all similar and no discrepancies can be found. Customers can also proceed with ordering from a network site of Online Rx since they will still be directed to its main site where the purchases are processed.

Online Rx Website (
Online Rx Website (

Online Rx Coupon Codes

Each time customers purchase from Online Rx, they have the special privilege to get free additional pills with their orders. If converted to cash, these free pills would amount to hundreds of dollars in cost at local pharmacies but they come free even with basic orders at Online Rx.

Online Rx Bonus Pills Offer
Online Rx Bonus Pills Offer

Free pills are not the only bonus offered by Online Rx but it also offers free shipping to customers who will be able to purchase medicines with the amount totaling $200 USD and above. Shipping fees start from $10 USD up to $20 USD at Online Rx but these fees will be waived for buyers who will reach the required amount for free shipping. Buyers will also get an extra 10% discount whenever their purchases exceed the amount of $200 in total.

Online Rx Phone Numbers

One of the best things about Online Rx is its reliable customer service. Since most of the people using the services provided by Online Rx are the elderly, the assistance provided by its customer support representatives are priceless. From answering various questions about the products and the processes up to taking the customers’ orders through the phone, these tasks are handled by the phone support personnel efficiently to the customer’s satisfaction. The toll-free number to call for customers from North America is +1 718 487 9792 and the number to contact for international customers would be +4420 3239 7092. For clients who have no means to contact Online Rx through the phone, they can proceed to its Contact Us page where they can send their concerns and questions through mail.

Online Rx Spam and Phone Calls

Online Rx is a pharmacy network that values its customer’s privacy that’s why all the information that the customers give are kept confidential. Its clients can expect to receive no spam or junk mails on their emails and they can also expect no unsolicited phone calls from its customer service people. Unless a customer requests to be contacted back for updates concerning the status of their orders’ shipping or as a follow-up on the orders that they’ve made, Online Rx would not be contacting its clients.


Online Rx is a large network of pharmacies that work to provide the patients the cheapest and the best of medicines available. It has already been in the business for almost 2 decades and it’s still as consistent as before in giving the best of services to its clients. It is a 5-star pharmacy network that is verified by Pharmacy Checker and is a member of CIPA, a Canadian association of licensed and legit pharmacies. Customers can check our top list of recommended providers for other reliable pharmacies.

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