Pharmacy Mall online drugstores are members of what we call online drugstore networks—drugstore networks are identical websites with different web addresses that work for one big company. These websites sell the same products and have the same prices for the items but they have different web addresses so they can catch more traffic from customers exploring the web.

Pharmacy Mall Store
Pharmacy Mall Store

Pharmacy Mall is only one of the examples of online drugstore networks in the market. Companies usually form drugstore networks so they can maximize the web—the main purpose of pharmacy networks is to drive more traffic to one main website. Although the stores have different domain names, pharmacy networks like Pharmacy Mall drive orders to only one main website.

Customers may feel threatened whenever dealing with online drugstore networks like Pharmacy Mall because of the similar-looking stores with different web addresses, but customers can rest assured that these networks are actually legitimate. In the case of Pharmacy Mall, it is recognized by Canadian associations like CIPA and MIPA and also Pharmacy Checker, which indicate that Pharmacy Mall shops are safe to use by the customers.

Although most of the network drugstores are legitimate, buyers should also be cautioned against the existence of possible con sites using the same Pharmacy Mall name. Some scammers have the idea of duplicating online pharmacy network sites and pose as one of the satellite websites belonging to legit pharmacy networks. Because of this, buyers need to educate themselves on selecting the right drugstores to use or they can also consider consulting curated website lists like our TOP Vendors list for a rundown of excellent, legit shops.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Pharmacy Mall had reviews available on the web— Pharmacy Mall drugstores generally have excellent reviews as buyers appreciated the shops’ good service. Here are a few customer testimonials written for Pharmacy Mall shops:

Pharmacy Mall Buyer Reviews
Pharmacy Mall Buyer Reviews

One buyer from France thanked the store for its “speedy” delivery and for the constant updates for his order. Commonly, stores do not care much about their consumers after they have shipped the items, but according to the user, the Pharmacy Mall store he used was able to give him updates on his parcel. Additionally, this user also mentioned using the Pharmacy Mall shop for years, which we think is unique considering the brief lifespan of most online drugstores.

Another user thanked the Pharmacy Mall shop for its “fast and courteous service” and mentioned that it is rare finding stores that have a polite customer support team. Apart from the good service, the user also mentioned that the medicines were effective to use for her medical condition.

Like the two reviewers, the last commenter also appreciated Pharmacy Mall’s customer service and because of this, the user is contemplating of ordering from the Pharmacy Mall store again.

Pharmacy Mall Online

Since stores belonging to the Pharmacy Mall network have technically the same content, so we can just take a look at one store and be able to evaluate all stores belonging to the Pharmacy Mall network. According to the Pharmacy Mall stores, the company/network started its service in 1997, a time where online pharmacies are somewhat still inconceivable. Despite the limited pool of consumers during the time the company started, Pharmacy Mall still persevered through the years. Because of this, the Pharmacy Mall network eventually was able to serve 1M customers until today. This may seem surreal for most consumers considering the simple façade of the Pharmacy Mall shops, but customers should not be fooled by the network stores’ modest appearance.

Even if the Pharmacy Mall shops are seemingly modest, customers can expect the stores to supply almost all of the medicines they need—buyers can expect the store to carry most of the brand and generic medicines available in the market. Customers can find medicines for a wide range of medical conditions including erectile dysfunction, pain relief, birth control, anxiety diseases, blood pressure regulation, and plenty of others. Brand medicines sold by Pharmacy Mall shops are approved by the US FDA, while the generic medicines on the store are at least approved by the local FDA of the manufacturer’s country. Amongst all of the medicines presented by the Pharmacy Mall shops, the ones highly sought after are the following items:

  • Clomid: $0.44 per pill
  • Doxycycline: $0.30 per pill
  • Zithromax: $0.40 per pill
  • Nolvadex: $0.52 per pill
  • Brand Cialis: $3.72 per pill

Besides these products, customers can still find other bestsellers from Pharmacy Mall at the shops’ main page. Buyers can purchase these medicines even without them providing the prescriptions since the network stores are not selling narcotic or habit-forming medications. However, customers should just purchase the medicines they are actually prescribed.

All in all, the Pharmacy Mall shops may not have the best graphics and other modern website elements, but they are packed with useful meds and they are easy to use.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Pharmacy Mall offers plenty of promotional offers for its consumers. Take a look at this sample cart:

Pharmacy Mall Sample Cart
Pharmacy Mall Sample Cart

Buyers are granted free pills whenever they order from the store and are also given free shipping on their orders should they exceed $200. Apart from these discounts, though, customers are also entitled to an additional 10% off their purchase.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

Customers can use the following numbers to reach Pharmacy Mall stores:

  • 4420 3239 7092
  • 1 718 487 9792

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

Apart from good reviews, we also tried to search for possible complaints about Pharmacy Mall shops. Luckily for the network, there were no existing complaints about its overall service, indicating that the Pharmacy Mall stores performed well during the past years.


Pharmacy Mall stores started in 1997 and have since catered to a million buyers. Pharmacy Mall shops may not look the part, but these stores are certainly packed and are equipped to serve plenty of consumers. We admired that Pharmacy Mall shops had no complaints about their service, so overall, we believe that the network merits a score of 5 out of 5.

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