Securetabs is a pharmacy network that does not require an introduction to a lot of online shoppers. This network first opened their doors back in the year 2001. This means that it has already served people for over 17 years. Not many pharmacy companies manage to keep offering their services for this long. This shows that this pharmacy network is focused on offering the best services which keep attracting their clients back. Back in 2001, not many people would have celebrated the idea of ordering their medications from someone they have never met who is probably thousands of miles away. This means that the Securetabs drugstore network started with very few customers who were willing to take the risk. Up to now, the pharmacy serves more than a million customers.

Why Customers Buy from Securetabs Pharmacy Network
Why Customers Buy from Securetabs Pharmacy Network

The drugstore offers their customers a chance to save much of their money. When we checked the prices they were offering their meds at and compared these with those local pharmacies were offering for the same meds we noticed that the Securetabs drugs cost over 90% cheaper.

If you have never bought drugs from a pharmacy network before which operates on the web, it can be confusing when you find websites which resemble each other but on different domain address. These sites are usually safe. The only thing that can make them unsafe is the scammers who duplicate their look. As long as you are loading the sites using proven domain addresses, you have got nothing to fear.

Securetabs Reviews

We found a large number of consumer comments online. The comments were from happy customers. These people indicated that when they ordered their meds from Securetabs sites, they did not have to wait for too long. Another positive thing we noted in the reviews is the low prices people were enjoying. Here are some of the comments.

Securetabs User Testimonials
Securetabs User Testimonials

After dealing with the team that runs the Securetabs pharmacy network, Smith S. from the United Kingdom has got nothing to regret. He had a great experience with the pharmacy network. Dorothy’s query was dealt with efficiently. She noticed that the customer support team was offering excellent service. They had good prices and they offered her the value she deserved for her money.

Samuels package though being shipped all the way to France arrived very quickly. The man was kept up to date about the shipping progress. He has been using the Securetabs network for quite a while now. He is pleased with the honesty by which the drugstore network operates.

Securetabs Online

All the other online pharmacies we have visited usually demand a prescription even when the buyer is ordering something they already know how to use. You won’t check out even painkillers in some online drug stores if a prescription script is not faxed by your doctor. This is usually time consuming and unnecessary. The Securetabs network knows this. This is the reason as to why they don’t request a prescription.


Securetabs Homepage
Securetabs Homepage

The only drugs you will find on the pharmacy network sites are all approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Furthermore, there are no addictive drugs, controlled substances, or narcotics on the Securetabs sites. This makes it legal for them to sell meds without asking for a prescription. Even if you will get meds without a prescription, it is advisable that you use only meds you know how to use to avoid complications which arise from overdosing.

You will find it easy to locate the medication you are looking for using either the search bar or the search by letter function. The search bar autocompletes your search query for you as you type in the name of the medication you would like to buy. The numerous drugs available on the Securetabs network makes it a one-stop selection medication shopping site. This simply means that there is no need to wander on different sites trying to find your meds. Instead of getting worried since there are numerous sites with the title Securetabs on them present online, you should focus on using the proven web addresses. By doing this, you will enjoy cheap medication prices and quality services.

Securetabs Coupon Codes

When you click on the medication you would like to buy, the first thing you will notice is how the prices reduce on the price list as you increase the number of pills you are purchasing. This gives huge savings. The other offers are available in the shopping cart. They are as follows:

Securetabs Shopping Cart Offers
Securetabs Shopping Cart Offers

There is free shipping for anyone who buys drugs worth more than 200 dollars. For drugs that have a cost that exceeds 200 dollars, a 10% discount is automatically applied to the order. All customers can also use the coupon code IT-4752 to get a 10% saving.

Securetabs Phone Numbers

All the Securetabs sites have a contact page where the buyer can fill out a form and submit his or her queries in the form of an email. These emails are usually responded to within a period of 24 hours. If you feel calling is a better option, you can use either +4420 3239 7092 or +1 718 487 9792.

Securetabs Spam and Phone Calls

Spam calls and emails are annoying. Securetabs team is aware of this. This is the reason they have never done it. There is no one who has complained that he or she got spammed by the Securetabs drugstore network.


After checking every bit of evidence we could get our hands on regarding Securetabs pharmacy network, we have come to realize that this is a pharmacy that deserves a 5-star rating. All the comments left behind by their previous users are very positive. We checked the web for a significant amount of time but we could not find any negative comment about the network. The savings you will get, the quick delivery, and the high-quality medications you will get should prompt you to order your meds from the Securetabs pharmacy network.

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