TexasChemist can be described as a chain of online pharmacies that work as a single entity but operate under different websites. These websites have a resembling homepage and sell identical products that customers will buy at the same price. To contact any of the websites that are connected to this network, you will use the same contact number which is proof that they work together.

A client dealing with any of the pharmacies that are linked to Texas Chemist network may be mixed up since he will find it difficult to know which pharmacy he was dealing with because they are indistinguishable. Some even develop a mentality that the multiple websites are intended to rob them of their hard-earned cash. The reason behind the many websites is to create more avenues through which they will be able to dispense medications to people from all over the world.

Some of the pharmacies that work under Texas Chemist are Texaschemist.org and Texaschemist-online.com. The pharmacies have fulfilled every requirement that is demanded by the bodies which control online pharmacies and are, therefore operating legitimately.

TexasChemist Reviews

On searching the web, you will find multiple positive compliments from people who have had the privilege of buying their prescription drugs from Texas Chemist network. One of these customers says that he received his order in less than five days after placing his order and is glad that the network has the right logistics in place. Another client who purchased some erectile dysfunction pills says that the 50mg pill works best for him. The only side effect he suffers from is a clogged nose that will last for one hour after taking the pill.

Texas Chemist Customer Reviews
Texas Chemist Customer Reviews

Rod says that he has had a chance to purchase medications from different online pharmacies but Texas Chemist network is the best among them. The services are exceptional and he also complements them for supplying high-quality drugs.

The above reviews show clearly how trustworthy Texas Chemist is when it comes to the timely supply of drugs. As some of the customers have observed, the drugs may lead to side effects though most of these are just mild and will only last for a short while. This is why the network is focused on ensuring that anyone who wishes to buy prescription drugs should have a valid prescription from a licensed doctor. Customers should also use the drugs as they have been advised so that they will get the relief without having to endure severe reactions from the wrong use of the drugs.

TexasChemist Online

Texas Chemist network operates through various secure websites so that they will protect all the details of their customers from any access by a third party. You, therefore, do not have to be afraid during the submission of your private details especially when it comes to the payment of the drugs. Geotrust and McAfee are responsible for ensuring the security of the websites and considering that there is no incidence that has been reported of any scam, they seem to be doing a good job at that.

Drug prices at Texas Chemist network are quite low and customers who have bought from other online pharmacies say that the prices at the network are the lowest. Despite the prices being low, the qualities of the medications have not been compromised since every drug that enters the network must go through verification by FDA.

Customers who wish to buy drugs from Texas Chemist network have to be residents of the United States since they do not ship to destinations that are not within this jurisdiction. The residents of the United States who are afraid of shopping in foreign pharmacies can confidently buy their generic medications from Texas Chemist since it is located in the United States.

The affiliate websites that work under Texas Chemist will collect customers’ orders and hand them over to the main website where all the orders will be collectively processed. This means that no matter which website you have chosen to buy from, you will receive high-quality medications within the agreed time.

TexasChemist Coupon Codes

There are multiple discounts that a customer buying drugs from Texas Chemist will enjoy. One of them is the free shipping that will be offered for every customer who buys drugs which will be valued at over $200. The shipping cost at the network is usually $35 and having such a huge amount off your bill is a big discount.

If you place a second order at Texas Chemist, the cost will be reduced by 5% and from there, you will be given a 7% discount every time you place an order. Choosing to purchase your prescription drugs in large quantities is also another way of ensuring that you pay less for them. A ninety days supply is the maximum number of drugs that one is permitted to purchase at once.

Below is a photo of a shopping cart showing some of the discounts that a customer will enjoy for buying in bulk:

Photo of a Shopping Cart
Photo of a Shopping Cart

TexasChemist Phone Numbers

You can use 1-702-965-3395 as the contact number whenever you wish to talk to a customer service person at Texas Chemist network.

For a written message, you can use a form that is available on the websites to pass your message. Your email address will be required since the response will be sent to your inbox as soon as possible.

TexasChemist Spam and Phone Calls

Since the network was established twelve years ago, none of the customers who have made contact with the pharmacy has complained of being harassed through spam messages or phone calls.


TexasChemist chain of online pharmacies has proven that it is a legitimate network as there is no record of any complaint from the thousands of customers who have had their orders processed there. The drugs sold are FDA approved and will cost much less since most of them are generics. Due to its credibility and the consistent zeal for customer satisfaction, Texas chemist should be accorded a 5* rating.

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