Trust Pharmacy may be one of the famous online drugstore networks of today, regardless of its simple appearance. Established in 2001, this online drugstore network has spawned several online drugstores bearing the same name and products but with varying web addresses.

Online drugstore networks like Trust Pharmacy are legitimately operating and have the necessary approvals for their online drugstores. Since all of the online pharmacies related to the brand are operating under one license, customers should not feel apprehensive about the online pharmacy networks and instead trust the stores to deliver the same consistent service regardless of the pharmacies buyers will use for their medications.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

The issue with online drugstore networks is that scammers often take advantage of the fact that the shops have mirror sites. Scammers duplicate the legitimate stores then lure the consumers into “buying” from the fake websites. In order to check if Trust Pharmacy stores were involved in such shrewd activity, we searched for customer comments referring to the Trust Pharmacy service and found these reviews:

Trust Pharmacy Store Reviews
Trust Pharmacy Store Reviews

We found happy buyer recommendations for the use of Trust Pharmacy for their online needs.

According to one consumer, he appreciated the Trust Pharmacy he used due to the helpful customer support team. He also made mention of the shop having excellent prices for the blood pressure treatments he needed, allowing him to maximize his savings on the medications. This user also appreciated that the Trust Pharmacy he went to was easy to navigate by consumers like him. Because of the good qualities he observed, he will pursue his medicines only at Trust Pharmacy shops.

Another buyer related how she’s successfully used one of the Trust Pharmacy during the past. According to her, the wait time was average and for the most part, she did not have to “wait long” for her items. Overall, he was pleased with the wait time and was also grateful to the store for the affordable prices.

The last buyer emphasized that she saved a lot using the shop Trust Pharmacy for her medicines. Though she did not detail how much she’s saved using the pharmacy, she mentioned that Trust Pharmacy had prices cheaper than the local drugstore prices. She was “pleased” with Trust Pharmacy’s products and service, no doubt.

Trust Pharmacy Online

Trust Pharmacy stores have a complete product line-up including OTC, prescription, supplements, and herbal products. It is rare for online drugstores to carry four groups of products at the same time, but fortunately for its consumers, Trust Pharmacy stores have the aforementioned types of products at the consumers’ dispersal.

Trust Pharmacy Web Shop
Trust Pharmacy Web Shop

Consumers will find the Trust Pharmacy stores easily navigable—the stores have cataloged their products according to the medical conditions they serve, which mean that buyers without the knowledge on the brand or generic name of the medicines they need would still be able to find the medicines they need from the website. A search function is also provided for buyers who need to find their medicines fast.

All of the items sold by Trust Pharmacy shops are approved by the FDA and are directly sourced from the drug manufacturers. The medicines on the store feature wholesome prices without compromising quality since Trust Pharmacy has direct affiliations with the manufacturers of the medicines. Buyers can purchase Cialis here for as low as $0.68 per pill, Levitra for as low as $1.00, Viagra for as low as $0.27, Amoxil for as low as $0.39—and the list goes on.

Buyers interested in purchasing their medicines from any Trust Pharmacy shop should not be intimidated by the fact that the network has a few websites under its belt. Instead of fearing the network, consumers should think about all the good comments raised for the store and its clean record since 2001.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

We’ve seen coupon codes for Trust Pharmacy in the past, but since the codes were merely seasonal, most of them have already expired. Buyers, however, can still anticipate the release of Trust Pharmacy coupons in the near future, especially during holidays and other special events like the network’s founding anniversary.

Trust Pharmacy Special Offer
Trust Pharmacy Special Offer

Despite the missing coupon offers, consumers can still get ahold of fresh deals from Trust Pharmacy stores. Take this deal for instance—buyers are given a special price of $46.16 for a 20-pill erectile dysfunction (ED) sample pack instead of the steep local drugstore price for the same product.

Apart from the special pharmacy offers, consumers are also given free merchandise whenever they shop at Trust Pharmacy stores, free shipping if they reached a certain purchase amount and even discounts for bulk orders.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

It is a good sign that the Trust Pharmacy stores have their numbers easily accessible to their buyers (US (+1-718-487-9792 US and +4-420-3239-7092 UK).

Some online drugstores conceal their numbers, making them hard to reach by their clients. Trust Pharmacy stores, however, have posted their contact details on their web pages.

If consumers prefer email, the store can also be reached out to via email through the use of its messaging integration.

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

Although pharmacy networks are often associated with spams, Trust Pharmacy had no known consumer complaints about them being nagged by the Trust Pharmacy stores. Buyers only had praises for this shop and except for some delays in the order receipt, there were no other complaints about any Trust Pharmacy store on the web.


The international drugstore network, Trust Pharmacy is a network to trust given the following reasons:

  • Approvals from regulatory bodies
  • Low prices for the medicines
  • Accessible customer support team
  • Good reviews for affordability, on-time product delivery, and excellent service

Our rating for the Trust Pharmacy network is 5 out of 5 points; however, we recommend the consumers to watch out for scammer-replicated websites that might look exactly the same as Trust Pharmacy. We encourage you to visit our list of Top Online Drugstores to know which Trust Pharmacy stores are reliable.

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