Trusted Tablets Homepage
Trusted Tablets Homepage

When ordering meds online, no one wants to be stuck with sites they find it hard to use. This is the reason as to why most people have avoided sourcing their meds online. However, what these people don’t realize is that there are sites that don’t look complicated. Among these sites, there are the ones which form the Trusted Tablets pharmacy network. Anyone regardless of how much experience they have regarding ordering their meds online can order their meds from these sites. When we loaded one of these sites, we managed to figure out what to do immediately. To make sure that you understand how simple these sites are, you can check out the design they have implemented on their homepage on the right.

Be warned that not all online pharmacy sites which feature the above template are genuine. Some of the online stores are fake but have copied the look to try and scam people who will be thinking that they are sourcing their medications from a genuine online pharmacy.

The Trusted Tablets pharmacies seem like they have nothing to hide. Scam sites will do all they can to ensure that you don’t see their contact details. However, the Trusted Tablets sites are advertising, not one but three telephone numbers their customers can use to reach them on each and every page.

Trusted Tablets Reviews

The consumer comments available on the Trusted Tablets sites show that they offer great services. This pharmacy network takes care of the delivery since all their customers indicate they always got their meds within the stipulated delivery time. Also, the meds which arrived worked just fine. Here are some of the reviews:

Trusted Tablets Customer Testimonials
Trusted Tablets Customer Testimonials

Steve states that the Viagra that got delivered to him was just like he expected. The drug managed to improve his sex life and made it even better. The price is great such that he manages to use it all the time. The drug has helped him eliminate performance anxiety.

Kieran got both prompt and efficient service. The tablets managed to arrive within the timeframe given. The final reviewer had ordered erectile dysfunction meds. He says that the order had arrived a week before and there were no problems. They have managed to help him. He even indicates that he is now busy with his girlfriends.

Trusted Tablets Online

It is not on many sites where you will find 37 categories of medications. This is what you will get on any of the Trusted Tablets sites. You will get over the counter meds (OTC), prescription meds, men’s health medication, women’s health medication, and more. if you open one of the sites in the Trusted Tablets network, all your medical needs will be covered.

The drugstore network clearly states that all the meds they sell are sourced in India and they are all approved by the Indian FDA. The sites have an awesome online chat function and friendly customer support department. When we tried to find out whether the online chat function was functional, we found that it was working perfectly. The customer support agent on the other side was willing to answer our questions. The response was quick.

The cheapest form of shipping the pharmacy network has will cost you $10. This is the regular Airmail shipping which will require about 10 to 21 business days before your meds can arrive. The Express shipping or EMS will take a period of 5 to 9 business days. The EMS shipping will cost you $30. Tracking is available with both shipping methods.

This pharmacy offers refunds and reshipping for customers who either don’t get what they ordered or what they ordered never arrived. Given that credit cards are one of the major methods of paying for your drugs, it gives customers a chance to dispute charges made to their credit cards in case they think that they have been defrauded. Given that the sites have over 5 languages and different currencies, it becomes easier for people to order their meds regardless of the language they understand and the prominent currency in the country where they reside.

Trusted Tablets Coupon Codes

The majority of codes we could find on third-party websites were expired. However, we managed to locate a coupon code at the very bottom of all the network sites. The coupon would offer the buyer a 5% discount. The coupon code is 5OFF. Other bonuses are available on the sites:

Trusted Tablets Discount Offers
Trusted Tablets Discount Offers

If you are buying your meds from the pharmacy network for the second time, you will get a 5% discount. If you are buying for the third time or more, you will get a 7% discount. There are free Viagra pills which range from 4 to 20 depending on the number of ED pills in your order. You won’t need to pay for the standard Airmail shipping as long as your meds are worth more than 150 dollars.

Trusted Tablets Phone Numbers

A pharmacy network that has nothing to hide from their clients should have the ability to display their contact details without fearing anything. This is what Trusted Tablets pharmacies sites have done. Their telephone numbers are +1 800 532 4808, +1 718 313 1498, and +44 203 011 0241. The sites have an online chat and they have a contact form where customers can type in their details and send them an email.

Trusted Tablets Spam and Phone calls

Despite searching online for a long time, we could not come up with even a single report that indicates Trusted Tablets spams their buyers. This means that your contact details will never get abused.


It is not easy to make a decision regarding which online drugstore network to use especially when there are too many of them. However, when you happen to find an online pharmacy that offers the best services such as Trusted Tablets, you can be sure you will get the services and products you are looking for. Due to the positive consumer comments this network has managed to get, we rate it 5 stars.

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